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Adobe Acrobat X Pro 10 software was built to meet the emanding requirements of business and technical professionals, today and in the future. Create interactive PDFs using simple-yet-sophisticated tools. Organize and share the widest range of content — including documents, spreadsheets, e-mail, images, video, 3D, and maps — in a single, compressed PDF Portfolio.

Share video in PDF files

Automatically convert a variety of video formats to SWF for reliable, cross-platform sharing of video, animations, and applications in PDF documents. With native support for Adobe Flash technology, no additional media player is necessary for playback

Create interactive presentations

Use included Adobe Presenter software to liven up your Microsoft PowerPoint slides. Add video, voice-overs, demos, and interactive quizzes to keep your audience engaged and improve knowledge retention.

Features of Adobe Acrobat X Pro 10:

* View, print, and search PDF files, including PDF Portfolios and PDF maps

* Author, store, and share documents, and share your screen, using services

* Experience richer content and greater interactivity with native support for Adobe Flash technology

* Create PDF documents from any application that prints

* Convert Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access files to PDF with one-button ease

* Capture web pages as rich, dynamic PDF files for review and archiving

* Archive e-mail or e-mail folders from Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes

* Scan paper documents to PDF and automatically recognize text with optical character recognition (OCR)

* Save PDF files as Microsoft Word documents, retaining the layout, fonts, formatting, and tables, to facilitate reuse of content

* Help protect PDF documents with 256-bit encryption

* Apply restrictions on printing, copying, and altering PDF documents

* Examine documents for hidden information and delete as needed

* Merge files from multiple applications into a single PDF document

* Assemble a wide range of content types in a polished, organized PDF Portfolio

* Review documents using familiar commenting tools such as sticky notes, highlighting, lines, shapes, and stamps

* Manage shared document reviews that allow review participants to see one another's comments

* Enable real-time collaboration with synchronized document views and chat

* Digitally sign PDF documents

* Certify PDF documents using digital IDs

* Easily create fillable PDF forms from paper or existing files using the Form Wizard

* Distribute PDF forms to collect information and track their status

* Enable users of Adobe Reader (version 8 or later) to fill in and save PDF forms locally

* Convert documents to PDF/A for archiving with easy search and retrieval

* Validate documents for conformance to ISO standards PDF/A, PDF/E, and PDF/X

* Personalize a PDF Portfolio with customizable templates for navigation and branding

* Permanently delete sensitive information, including specific text or illustrations, with redaction tools

* Convert Autodesk AutoCAD, Microsoft Visio, and Microsoft Project files to PDF with one-button ease, preserving document layers in Visio and AutoCAD and object data in Visio

* Enable users of Adobe Reader (version 8 or later) to digitally sign PDF documents

* Compare and highlight the differences between two versions of a PDF document

* Create dynamic XML forms with Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES (included)

* Preview, preflight, correct, and prepare PDF files for high-end print production and digital publishing

* Insert FLV or H.264 video for direct playback in Adobe Acrobat® and Adobe Reader

* Create and validate accessible PDF documents

* Easily add audio, video, and quizzes to your PowerPoint slides and create rich, interactive presentations with Adobe Presenter (included)

* Convert a variety of video formats to FLV for playback in PDF

* Embed video in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint and convert to FLV in PDF

* Convert 3D content to PDF for cross-platform sharing and collaboration

* Combine multiple CAD formats in one assembly and save as PDF with Adobe 3D Reviewer (included)

* Convert 2D and 3D designs from major CAD applications to PDF for use by extended teams without expensive CAD or viewer software

* Create PDF maps by importing geospatial files that retain metadata and coordinates

Compatible with: XP SP2 or SP3 (32/64-bit) , Server 2003 SP2 (64-bit), Vista (32/64-bit), 7 (32/64-bit)

Multilingual: English, French and German (3 languages only)


Plz READ the readme.txt & Instructions.txt

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